Believe in yourself as a Writer


Believe in yourself as a Writer

Being ready to write                      by Andrea Winterbottom


When writing and sculpting stories have faith in your ability and develop your passion for your chosen art.

If you’ve dabbled with the idea of becoming a (creative) writer, challenge yourself to actually write and develop a trust and faith about your chances of success. The more you practice your faith, the more you test it and put it through its paces, your belief will manifest and you will cultivate a bond to your passion that strengthens over time and practice. Loads of words of practice.

When starting out, you might tap your keyboard or nibble on the end of your pen, twist thoughts around in your head and still gaze at a blank page. Or your words and sentences pour onto the page like a waterfall, tumbling, splashing, running full stream ahead until your doubtful red pen slashes whole paragraphs. Don’t fret; there are nuggets in every writer’s haystack.

Find your method and tune in: Do you enjoy writing free-flow and go on for pages without stopping and then read, and edit? Either right afterwards or you might wait for a few days, weeks or even months.

Or do you craft your sentences one by one, like a screenplay scene by scene where you’re the producer and director of your letters, words, and sentences calling on your characters to be put into ‘Action’ at your chosen settings along the roads of your plotline?

Create a mantra for yourself that works like: “anybody can write and I’d rather be writing than doing the dishes/laundry (or: insert task of choice) because it gives me an avenue to connect with myself and learn about myself and the world around me through the word connections I create”. I write about any genre that pokes my imagination before I zero in on one that suits me best.

Like a garden, creative writing needs to be nurtured. Once you plant the seeds you will discover that your belief in your writing ability carries you from page to page; when you’re ready, you need to sit back and weed out what to keep and then water and nourish your patch.

Write what you know. Don’t write about building guitars from redwood cedar if you don’t have an interest in music, guitars or woodworking. Finding your writing niche takes practice and a certain belief that you enjoy and like to share with others.  Remember that you are the expert on your own expressions and finding that belief in yourself will help you to ward off any self-criticism and negative feedback that you might receive.

When you are being ready to write it implies that you have allocated time, have gathered all the necessary writing implements and that you are mentally ready to let your creativity flow.

Believe in yourself as a writer can mean that you find joy in the act of writing. You get a kick out of creating characters, stringing sentences together and letting your feelings flow like a mountain spring onto the pages while you don’t worry about the results but rather enjoy, relish the journey.

Don’t be upset if you share your writing with a person who does not show the same enthusiasm as you about your work. Don’t worry if you send your work out to various publishers or if you enter contests and you only receive a formatted rejection letter. Your submission simply wasn’t the right fit at the right time with the right publication. Although the slush pile at an editor’s office is higher than the stack of newspapers in your garage ready for the recycling bin, be persistent in submitting your work if you so desire.

I like to craft sentence by sentence, create little scenarios with my words. Then I edit and my sentences shrink. I write some more, chisel here and there and finally the sculpted sentence emerges.

Find out what you like best about your writing and foster that part of the craft. Perhaps you like to write short stories, articles, essays, opinion pieces or novels; whatever you fancy, keep writing and your belief will take form like the statue of Michelangelo.


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